CORAL —Rick Grimes (when referring to his son)

Get to know me meme [3/12] Favorite Actors: Norman Reedus


Carol and Daryl on their way to get Beth back

Anonymous whispered: I was just wondering, when you gif scenes from the walking dead, do you screen record them or somehow download them or how does it work? Please tell me, I would appreciate a lot!

Of course. :)
I download torrents. You can use, I use all you need to do is download a program called utorrent first then search for the walking dead on the torrent site & download the episode.

Then I usually split the clip I need using a program and open it in Photoshop to make my gif. If you need more help let me know. Hope this helped a little anon!

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I expect an entire Rickyl episode to make up for splitting them up AGAIN and so soon. There better be hugs involved and Rick using Daryls crossbow.

I feel like this season is all about my life and/or how I’d be in an apocalypse. Anyone else?

a short summary of my life